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  • Jetpack compose : List / LazyRow

    Jetpack compose : List / LazyRow

    Jetpack Compose has ushered in a new era of Android app development, bringing with it a wealth of features and components that make UI design a breeze. Among these, the LazyRow stands out as a versatile tool for displaying horizontally-scrolling lists of items efficiently, even when dealing with extensive datasets.

  • Jetpack compose : List /   LazyColumn

    Jetpack compose : List / LazyColumn

    Jetpack Compose has revolutionized Android app development, making UI design a delightful experience. In this article, we take a deep dive into Jetpack Compose’s LazyColumn, a powerful component for creating scrollable lists.

  • Jetpack compose : OutlinedTextField

    Jetpack compose : OutlinedTextField

    In the world of Android app development, simplicity and elegance are highly valued. That’s where Jetpack Compose comes into play, offering a modern and intuitive way to build user interfaces. A fundamental component of Compose is the OutlinedTextField, a versatile tool for creating input fields that seamlessly blend form and function.

  • Jetpack compose : Buttons

    Jetpack compose : Buttons

    Button elements are the backbone of user interaction in your Android app’s user interface. With Jetpack Compose, creating stylish and functional buttons has never been easier. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the various types of buttons available and demonstrate how to use them effectively. From simple buttons to elevated and outlined designs, we’ll walk…

  • Understanding Context in Jetpack Compose: A Comprehensive Guide

    Understanding Context in Jetpack Compose: A Comprehensive Guide

    Coding with Jetpack Compose? Don’t overlook the importance of ‘context.’ In this guide, we unravel the role of context in your Compose adventures. Discover how it influences theming, resource access, navigation, and lifecycle management. Mastering context in Jetpack Compose is your key to crafting responsive and visually consistent Android UIs.